The process to become a certified forklift operator

If you want to become a forklift operator, then you must be certified. There are different routes to take to get your certification. You can attend in-person classes or online classes Fresno certify. Yes, online courses have been approved because of Covid-19, the world over for 2020 and the first half of 2021.  

The importance of being forklift certified. 

If you are unfamiliar with the operations of a forklift, then it is straightforward for you to cause work injuries and damages to property. The certification of forklift drivers is essential to ensure that they are aware of the dangers associated with the operation of forklifts.  

Research has shown that companies that train their employees or hire trained forklift drivers can significantly reduce their downtime running costs. Companies should also insist their drivers carry out pre-shift inspections that can arrest problems before starting a shift.  

Is forklift certification for forklift drivers a legal requirement 

Indeed, to be a forklift driver, one needs to be OSHA certified. The Occupational Safety Health Administration requires one to be approved before operating a forklift or any other warehouse equipment.  

Being OSHA certified is to reduces the number of injuries that arise from forklift-related injuries in the workplace.  

Ways to take a forklift certification course 

As discussed earlier, you can either take in-person classes for forklift training or take online courses.  

Les discuss these options further; 

In-person training 

An institution certified to carry out the training can do the in-person forklift training, online training, or a company can offer classes at its facilities. An employer or potential employee can register for a schedule, take classes and the practice test. After all this, an instructor is supposed to evaluate you. 

Online classes 

The online certification process is convenient for workers who do not have the time to attend classes. Online training will, however, not give you the practical assessment recommended for a forklift operator.  

Steps you need to take to get your forklift operator certificate 

  1. Determine the forklift you want training on 

As a newbie, you may ask yourself why this is important. OSHA states that training is matched to the specific truck.  OSHA is, of course, talking about the truck–a sit-down rider truck, a stand-up truck, an order picker or a counterbalance. 

After you have decided on the type of truck, you will need to enrol in a training school. 

  1. Enrol for a certification course 

There are two ways they deliver the course, either online or in-person classes. Ensure that the institution you decide to join offers certified OSHA courses.  

  1. Attend lectures 

These classes take 6 hours, and they will focus mainly on OSHA regulations, drive a forklift, health and safety, and other specialized topics.  

  1. Sit for and pass the written examination 

After the g-hour classes, they will require you to sit for a written exam. You need 75% to pass, but this will depend on the institution that you choose. The written test shows how much someone has understood in class. 

  1. Take the practical test 

The practical assessment will have an instructor who will show the practical applications of what you studied in class. They will assign duties such as pre-shift inspections, loading, lifting the cargo to the elevated platform, and other complicated forklift operations.  

  1. Evaluation 

After the practical assessment, the instructor will evaluate you based on your written review and practical evaluation. After they find your performance to be satisfactory, they will issue you with an operator certificate.