Getting Forklift Certification and Training Online for Equipment Operators

Forklift course is a training that targets airside drivers and equipment operators. The training equips the operators with safety skills, improve their productivity and increase the forklift durability. To become a certified operator, the operator is required to undergo approved certification training. The course can be taken online at the person’s convenience. This is the easiest and most convenient way of acquiring the certification, especially for those who wish to renew their certificate. 

The training can also be done in-person from a local vocational training institute, a certified local company.  

Requirements of Forklift online training 

  1. Prior experience in driving and operating a forklift 
  1. Have undergone a training and certified for forklift operations 
  1. Internet access and suitable internet enabled device like laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

Features of online certification training 

For convenience of trainees, online trainings are structured to suit the needs of learners as well as provide the required skills without compromising the quality of the training. To ensure that quality is upheld, below are the basic features of an online training company Scissor lift training

  1. Presence of online practice examinations 
  1. Presence of operators manual and other operational guides 
  1. Compliance with certifying bodies 
  1. Faster processing of results and gradation 
  1. Presence of digital certification 

Procedure of obtaining Forklift certification online 

  1. Enrolling for an online training is done by signing up on the website. The training costs should be settled using the relevant payment method provided. After online registration, access is provided to various training materials.  
  1. Preparing for Forklift exam. After successful registration, operators can browse through various tutorials and learning materials for preparation of certification exam 
  1. The certification process. The last step is the certification process. Forklift operators are required to attempt and pass the Forklift online certification examination.  

After successful completion and merit in the online test, a printable version of a certificate is availed for printing. A copy is also sent to the user’s email. The digitally generated certificate will contain name and certificate expiration date. 

Sample course outline 

Forklift training equips forklift operators with safety and maintenance skills. They are trained and later certified for all forklift types. The program will address the following areas 

  1. Safety equipment 
  1. Operator training 
  1. Site safety practices 
  1. Forklift maintenance and battery safety  
  1. Automobile inspection 
  1. Safety accessories 


The duration of the training will entirely depend on trainee’s availability, ability to understand concepts and time taken to successfully attempt and pass the online test. For experienced operators, it can take a few hours. 

In conclusion 

The employer can fine employees for failing to observe safety measures. Since some measures are unknown to operators, taking an online training will fill the gap.  Some employers may offer the certification training to its employees while others do not. In such circumstances, operators should take the responsibility to be trained and enable them to be compliant with government and local regulations operational requirements.  

By enrolling on online forklift certification training, the employees will be trained, tested and certified. A certificate is issued to acknowledge that the holder is a certified forklift operator. In the training, students will be familiarized on operational regulations, their responsibilities and observance of best work practices.